Jacks or Better Poker Slots

Poker Slots is a combination of video poker and a video slot machine. In a way, this is similar to the original slot machines that were placed in bars in the San Francisco area during the gold rush. Those machines had pictures of cards on the reels, and the player would play trying to get a poker hand that could win him a free drink from the bar tender. In this version, the player spins the reels once, and then can choose the cards he would like to hold. Spinning the reels a second time gives the player his final hand. The hand is actually measured against the lines the player chooses to bet on, which is similar to how it is done in video poker. The player can choose to bet on up to 10 lines at a time. Jacks or Better is the most common pay table type that is found in casinos today. This version of the pay table is set up to be a little more generous than a pay table you would find in a casino. Relax and have fun because you're not playing for real money.

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