Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a little bit like a table version of video poker. The player gets a payout based on what he bets, and the kind of hand he ends up with. In this game, the player can play up to three hands of Caribbean Stud Poker at the same time. The player must ante to be dealt the initial 5 cards. At that point, the player can choose to either bet on the hand he has, or fold it. If the player chooses to bet on the hand, if he beats the dealer, and the dealer qualifies, he gets a payout that is based on the game's pay table. If the player bets, but the dealer wins, the player loses both his ante and his bet. If the player bets, and the dealer fails to qualify, the player gets back his bet, but only gets paid out for his ante. If the player chooses to fold, he loses his ante. The player can also choose to make a side bet that he will get a Royal Flush. If the player bets and receives a Royal Flush, he gets a huge payout.

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