Keno Aliens

Video Keno is an version of Keno that was adapted into a form that could be played on a computer screen. Keno is an old lottery like game believed to have been invented in China. In it's original form the player would tick off numbers on a card, and give it to the casino. The casino would then draw numbers from a drum, and the player would get (or not get) a payout based on how many numbers he correctly matched with the numbers that were drawn. In video keno, the player chooses the numbers on a computer screen, and can either keep those numbers for the next game, or discard them and start over. In this version of video keno, the player can choose to play multiple games with the same number choices. This greatly speeds up game play, but doesn't affect the players chances of winning at all. The more numbers the player chooses, the larger the potential payout if the player hits them all. In this version of Keno, the player can choose up to 15 numbers.

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