Craps is a very popular casino game of change. In craps, the player can make bets on various dice rolls. The bets with the best odds are the Pass Line bets and the Don't Pass Line bets. If a player bets on the Pass Line, there is a "Come Out Roll" to start things out. If this roll is a 7 or 11, the player wins the bet right away. If this come out roll is Craps, (2, 3, or 12) the player loses right away. If the come out roll is anything else, the number gets marked with the ON button and the player has to roll that number again before the 7 gets rolled in order to win the bet. The Don't Pass Line, basically bets that the player will not win at the Pass Line. The only difference is that if the come out roll is a 12, the player who bets on the Don't Pass Line gets a 'push' instead of winning the bet. The Don't Pass Line bet actually has slightly better odds than the Pass Line bet, but the odds are comperable.

Normally in a casino the Buy and Lay bets have a 5% buy in, but for this version we don't have that penalty. This will change the odds of those bets. I normally only play the Line when I play craps because of the odds, so if I messed up any of the bets, please send me an email letting me know what I did wrong... rick at icardgames dot com. If you're a human, you're going to need to translate that to send me a mail, I wrote it out that way to avoid the spam bots.

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