50 Play Super Aces Bonus Poker

There are a lot of different games smashed together in 50 Play Super Aces Bonus Poker. Super Aces and Bonus Poker a two video poker games where the player gets a higher bonus for certain hands containing four of a kind. In Super Aces, the player gets a really big bonus for hands containing four Aces. In this game the player also gets a high payout for 4 of a Kind hands where the player is holding an Ace as his 5th card. This combination pays out a much larger sum than typical four of a kind combinations. This version of Super Aces Bonus Poker lets the player play up to 50 hands at the same time. This can help quickly teach the player what hands are best to hold in certain situations, because the number of hands played off the initial deal is so large that it tends to even out the odds.

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