Super Aces Double Bonus Poker Slots

In this game I've piled mashup upon mash up and combined Super Aces video poker, with Double Bonus video poker, with a video slot machine to come up with a whacky version of video poker that has a pay table that no casino in it's right mind would even remotely consider putting on the floor. The reason is that a hand with four aces in this game pays out way too much. To top that off, I'm paying out 1000 credits if you get four aces and a deuce. It's a good thing that this isn't being played for real money, because if it were, this pay table would put me under. But if you like going for big hands, and you like the idea of combining a video poker game with a video slots game, then Super Aces Double Bonus Poker Slots may be the game for you.

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